Thursday 17 April 2014


If you knew what I know

Source : Hadith a Day / 16 Apr 2014

Anas bin Malik (radi Allahu anhu) reported that the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) delivered a Khutbah to us the like of which I had never heard from him before. He (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “If you knew what I know, you would laugh little and weep much”. Thereupon those present covered their faces and began sobbing.


Counter-terrorism committee established in Crimea

Source : Tatar-Inform / 16 Apr 2014

A counter-terrorism committee has been established in Crimea, Crimea's council of ministers posted on its Facebook account, reports Interfax.

Acting head of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov signed a relevant order on April 15. The committee has been established in the framework of the existing state system to prevent and stop terrorist threats in Russia, Aksyonov's press office said.


Iraq closes Abu Ghraib prison amid security concerns

Source : Guardian / 16 Apr 2014

Iraq has closed the Abu Ghraib jail made infamous by Saddam Hussein's regime and later US forces after a mass breakout last year, the justice ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

Iraq is suffering a protracted surge in violence that has claimed more than 2,550 lives so far this year, and the area west of Baghdad where the prison is located is particularly insecure. All 2,400 inmates arrested or sentenced for terrorism-related offences have been transferred to other facilities in central and northern Iraq.


More than 300 people missing after South Korean ferry sinks

Source : Reuters / 16 Apr 2014

Almost 300 people were missing after a ferry sank off South Korea on Wednesday, the coastguard said, in what could be the country's biggest peacetime disaster in nearly 20 years.


Is the ‘Iddah after Khulu’ One Month or Three?

Source : Shafii Fiqh / 16 Apr 2014


As salaamu alaykum dear respected scholar. I would like to ask according to Shafi’i Fiqh is a Khula a from of Talaq or divorce? And if so is the ‘iddah the same as a Talaq (three periods of purity between menstrual cycles)?


Asian pollution fueling storms across Northern Hemisphere – study

Source : RT / 16 Apr 2014

Increasing levels of pollution in Asia are strengthening storms over the Pacific Ocean, a study has revealed. Scientists warned these changes could have a radical knock-on effect on climate systems around the world if left unchecked.


Israel Demolished 90 Houses and demolished 191

Source : WAFA / 16 Apr 2014

Center of Information concerning Israeli Settlement and Apartheid Wall Affairs highlighted Monday the escalating pace at which house demolitions  are carried out and demolition notices are served since the beginning of the current year of 2014.


Turkish foundation to build mosque in Cuba

Source : World Bulletin / 16 Apr 2014

Turkey's Religious Affairs Foundation (TDV) sent a delegation to Cuba to discuss building a mosque in its capital Havana.

Having paid a visit to the Cuban department of religious affairs, TDV assistant manager Mustafa Tutkun sought permission to begin work on the mosque, which will be designed after the famous Ortakoy mosque in Istanbul.


NYPD ends controversial Muslim surveillance program

Source : AP / 16 Apr 2014

A special New York Police Department unit that sparked controversy by tracking the daily lives of Muslims in an effort to detect terror threats has been disbanded, police officials said Tuesday.


Selfie craze? Doctors link smartphone snaps with mental illness

Source : Al Arabiya / 16 Apr 2014

From celebs to charity workers, politicians to partygoers, the obsession with the ‘selfie’ spans far and wide.

Smartphone self-portraits are now fair game in high-level diplomatic meetings as well as college dorms, with snaps being shared widely on social media.


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